Health and fitness - Kevin Saunders, former world champion wheelchair promotes fitness and health. Kevin began his health and fitness tour to promote fitness and health thru exercise for all Americans


‘Big Push’ Across America

Kevin’s mission was to educate our nation’s youth, parents, teachers and the American people about the positive effects of physical fitness and proper nutrition, in such way that they are inspired and become self-motivated to actively make healthier choices full of fitness activities and good healthy foods for a lifetime. Kevin Saunders saw firsthand in his own life how fitness and exercise can create a personal revolution. But despite the important work being done on the President’s Council on Physical Fitness & Sports, he realized that many people were still struggling to find healthy options for their own lives. So, to raise awareness of the issue, he did the one thing he knew best – decided to push forward.  From the Canadian border in Michigan to the Mexican Border in Texas, Kevin was on a mission to promote proper health and fitness to the American People.

Over a period of grueling weeks and months, Kevin pushed his wheelchair from one end of America to the other, over 2,500 miles, meeting with local officials and families along the way to share his insight on the nation’s health crisis. In one stop after another, in big cities and small towns, he spread hope and advice improving the well-being of communities across the country. At each stop, Kevin conducted a health and fitness summit geared toward the mayor and city council members to share some insight on the epidemic and help gain support for the ‘Big Push’.   To make it to Laredo on time, I needed to push my racing wheelchair or hand-cycle about 50 miles per day via state highways. The purpose of the ‘BIG PUSH’ which is a preamble to the larger more detailed “Fitness 4 All 50 State Tour” a non profit 501 (c) (3) organization.

Proper health and fitness remain at the core of Kevin’s personal mission today.

Our mission with the “Fitness 4 All 50 State Tour” a nonprofit organization 501-(c) (3) is to serve as a catalyst to educate and empower our nation’s youth grades 3-12, parents, teachers, administrators, city mayors, community leaders and state governors and state leaders and Americans to empower them to become self- motivated to utilize the tools, resources and “My Healthy Daily Lifestyle Journals” to make daily educated healthy decisions so making healthier lifestyle choices becomes a way of life.

Our purpose is to educate our nation’s youth, parents, teachers, administrators and the American people about the positive effects of physical fitness and proper nutrition, in such way that they are inspired to actively make healthier choices on a daily basis for a lifetime. We have partnered with the top fitness and nutritional people in America to accomplish this.

Our goal is to cover all 50 states giving approximately 4,000 presentations to the schools grades 3 – 12 and approximately 4,000 presentations to city and state officials and leaders. For the school’s students and other Americans that follow the tour through the media and the schools and city and state governments and leaders we give Health & Fitness Summit presentations too. We want them to be able to make most all the tools & resources able for people to have access to or download this information from the top fitness experts, top trainers, aerobics etc.

Here is a link to one of our partners for the “Fitness 4 ALL 50 State Tour” and what the Cooper Institute is doing  So that this current generation stays fit and it is just a normal day to do a fitness conditioning and pick something really healthy to eat. When people don’t do that then that’s not normal for them, they want to get back on track like an elite athlete would to stay on pace for the GOLD! That is just what the goal of the massive – “Fitness 4 All 50 State Tour” - is a nonprofit organization 501-(c)(3) corporation.

Before and After
Kevin Saunders, before and after his accident. Look at what lying around and eating a bad diet did to him (on left). Then see the results after learning about and applying proper fitness and nutrition (on right). P.S. There's NO Sucking In the Gut here, because Kevin Saunders is Paralyzed from the chest down (Nipple line or T-5 vertebra was where his spine was severed after being blown over a building, over 300 feet, landing onto a concrete parking lot at work. Not expected to live Kevin Saunders went on to accomplish great goals that most people never thought possible.)


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Fitness 4 All 50 State Tour

Fitness 4 All 50 State Tour, a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization, is a continuation of the ‘Big Push’ Tour dedicated to educate, motivate, and inspire the American people to set and reach high personal goals and accept personal responsibility for their health and fitness regardless of their challenges, adversities or personal tragedies.

Through government foundations participation and corporate collaborations, we aim to directly teach the American people how to make healthier lifestyle choices. By providing instruction and materials to students, teachers  parents, communities leaders and state officials about the effects of proper physical fitness and nutrition on their bodies, the connection between physical fitness and their ability to reach their goals, how to read food labels, and how to create nutritionally balanced meals or snacks. 

Our goal is to inspire them to get motivated to make healthier lifestyle changes, and provide some of the resources to make those changes, including coupons for free healthy food from national healthy food vendors, daily personal accountability journals with fitness and nutritional tips and conversion charts and shopping lists, and informational web sites conversion tables for food and fitness activities. 

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About Kevin Saunders

Kevin Saunders, a former 3 time Paralympian who competed in Olympic arenas all over the world, a Pan American games champion, a multiple world record holder, was named “The Best All-Around Wheelchair Athlete in the World,” and a former member of the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports under Presidents George H. Bush and Bill Clinton, and appointed to as a constituent expert by George W. to serve on a special committee for youth with disabilities where they established the I Can Do It You Can Do It Program.  Now Kevin Saunders World Champion Paralympian has embarked on a revolutionary journey to inspire health and fitness in our communities that is changing our Nation in very positive ways.

Kevin was injured in a 1981 grain elevator explosion in Corpus Christi, Texas.  The catastrophic blast was considered by officials to be in one of the worst in South Texas history. Kevin was hurled 300 feet by the explosion, over a 2 story building, onto a concrete parking lot.  His body was broken over at the chest, his lungs were collapsed, and he had a fractured skull with massive internal and external injuries.  Doctors believed that it was impossible for Kevin to survive the massive injuries that left him paralyzed from the chest down and confined him to a wheelchair with no core balance.  If he did survive, they felt he wouldn’t want to exist in the helpless future that was awaiting him. 

However, through courage, tenacity, perseverance, dedication, determination, and with a strong spiritual faith, he beat all the odds.  Kevin has turned his personal tragedy into a successful career as a world and Paralympic champion, a motion picture and television actor, a popular inspirational and motivational speaker and a lifetime advocate of proper nutrition, physical fitness, and fighting obesity. 

Through a massive grassroots campaign with his non-profit organization Fitness 4 All 50 State Tour, Kevin will push his wheelchair through key portions of all 50 states in this country.  While doing this, Kevin will be sharing his inspirational life story, promoting physical fitness and sports participation to encourage people to set goals and take personal accountability and responsibility for setting long and short term goals for their education, fitness and making healthy lifestyle choices in schools, communities, and the workforce.  This campaign is further supported with credible information, tools, and products presented on the web site,  Our main purpose is to give the participants the desire to make a positive change in their lives and also, the tools to make that positive change a reality.

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Health and fitness - Kevin Saunders, former world champion wheelchair promotes fitness and health. Kevin began his health and fitness tour to promote fitness and health thru exercise for all Americans

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